Every installation of Stata includes all the documentation in PDF format. Stata’s documentation consists of over 18,000 pages detailing each feature in Stata including the methods and formulas and fully worked examples. You can transition seamlessly across entries using the links within each entry.


Access the PDF documentation from the Help menu within Stata.


You can also access the PDF entry from Stata’s help files. Each help file has the manual shortcut and entry name in blue, which links to the PDF manual entry, in addition to the “View complete PDF manual entry” link below.



Each manual has its own table of contents. A combined subject table of contents contains the complete table of contents for all manuals and is divided into the following subjects:

  • Getting started
  • Data manipulation and management
  • Utilities
  • Graphics
  • Statistics
  • Matrix commands
  • Programming
  • Customizable tables and collections
  • Automated document and report creation
  • Interface features


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Click on a subject to go a the table of contents for that category.



Across the top of each entry are links to each section within the entry. Clicking on Description, for example, will take you directly to the description of the feature.



The bookmarks on the left-hand side also give you direct access to an entry, as well as each section within an entry. Click on the disclosure control next to the title to list the entries. Click on the disclosure control next to an entry to view the sections for that entry.