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ProSuite is an integrated collection of Provalis Research tools that allow one to explore, analyze and relate both structured and unstructured data. It allows one to perform  advanced computer assisted qualitative coding on documents and images using QDA Miner, to apply the powerful content analysis and text mining features of WordStat on textual data, and to perform advanced statistical analysis on numerical and categorical data using SimStat.


Mixing Qualitative and Quantitative Data

The interoperability of QDA Miner, WordStat and SimStat allows researchers to integrate numerical and textual data into a single project and to seamlessly move back and forth between quantitative and qualitative data analysis.  More importantly, the integration of structured and unstructured data into a single data set allows one to explore connections between text responses and numerical or categorical data.  For example, one can easily analyze relationships between closed and open-ended survey questions,  identify social media topic trends over time, find out how supporters’ comments differ from those of detractors, or easily explore differences in word usage between gender, age groups, or geographic locations.


Integrating Various Text Analytics Techniques

There are many ways to extract information from textual data. Techniques such as in-depth qualitative data analysis, powerful exploratory text mining, or carefully designed content analysis are just a few examples of the range of approaches available today. Each text analysis method has its own strengths and weaknesses, and no single method is appropriate for all text analysis tasks.  Yet, most text analysis tools on the market today rely on a single approach to text analysis.  At Provalis Research, we are committed to offering a software platform that does not confine researchers and analysts to a single approach, but allows them to choose the one that best fits the research question or the available data.



We also strongly believe that a single text analysis task often profits from combining several methods; our software platforms facilitates this type of integration.  One may thus combine in many ways the automatic content analysis and text mining features of WordStat with the manual coding an annotation available in QDA Miner.

ProSuite Perpetual Licence

Licence Agreement


This software and the disk on which it is contained are licensed to you, for your own use. This is copyrighted software owned by Provalis Research Corp.. By purchasing this software, you are not obtaining title to the software or any copyright rights. You may not sublicense, rent, lease, convey, modify, translate, convert to another programming language, decompile, or disassemble the software for any purpose. You may make as many copies of this software as you need for backup purposes. You may use this software on up to two computers, provided there is no chance it will be used simultaneously on more than one computer.


The ProSuite product is licensed “as is” without any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, performance, or otherwise. All warranties are expressly disclaimed. By using the ProSuite product, you agree that neither Provalis Research nor anyone else who has been involved in the creation, production, or delivery of this software shall be liable to you or any third party for any use of (or inability to use) or performance of this product or for any indirect, consequential, or incidental damages whatsoever, whether based on contract, tort, or otherwise even if we are notified of such possibility in advance. (Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the foregoing limitation may not apply to you). In no event shall Provalis Research’s liability for any damages ever exceed the price paid for the license to use the software, regardless of the form of claim. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the province of Quebec (Canada) and shall inure to the benefit of Provalis Research and any successors, administrators, heirs, and assigns. Any action or proceeding brought by either party against the other arising out of or related to this agreement shall be brought only in a PROVINCIAL or FEDERAL COURT of competent jurisdiction located in Montréal, Québec. The parties hereby consent to in personal jurisdiction of said courts.


ProSuite Annual Site Licence-ProSuite Department Licence

Licence Agreement


A department wide site license allows the installation of the software on all computers in the designated department as well as the distribution of copies of the manual and software to all employees and faculties and to all full time students taking a course provided by the department. This license expires one year after the purchase of the license. All updates during this time period are free and can be obtained from our web site at www.provalisresearch.com. The price for the renewal of this license is guaranteed not to exceed the initial price paid for the software for a period of at least two additional years. This license does not allow the use of the software for commercial purpose or paid contracts and should be restricted to employees of the university and to full time students. A special license for commercial uses may however be obtained at a reduced price by contacting Provalis Research. The department wide site license excludes affiliated research centers as well as employees and researchers whose salaries are not paid by the university. Provalis Research reserves the right to limit customer supports to a few designated individuals. While we may offer occasional support to individual users, if the number of persons asking for support becomes too important, we may require the department to designated 1 or 2 persons that will provide support to the users and will redirect questions to us if needed.

Minimum System:


Processor 1GHz or faster with 4 GB memory

Windows 7

.NET Framework 4.6

Internet Explorer V11

MS Office Word 2003

Adobe Acrobat X Standard or higher



Recommended System:


Processor 2GHz or faster with 8 GB memory

Windows 8.1

Internet Explorer V11 or later

.NET Framework 4.6

MS Office Word 2010

Adobe Acrobat X Standard or higher



A series of short videos developed by Provalis Research, the developers of QDA Miner, offer excellent online tutorial support for conducting qualitative data analysis using the Provalis products.



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ProSuite is an integrated collection of Provalis Research tools that allow one to explore, analyze and relate both structured and unstructured data.