EViews 11 introduces the ability to load and display geographical maps. Currently EViews supports maps contained in the shapefile file format.

Once a map has been loaded into an EViews workfile, it can be tied to the data in that workfile, allowing displaying of series values inside the map, or use of the new colormap engine to color the geomap based upon series values.



In panel workfiles you can even adjust the sample period being displayed to different date ranges.




The addition of the US Census and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration databases to EViews 11 makes fetching data for US geomaps particularly easy.



EViews has many procedures that store simulations in to panel pages, whether from VARs estimated with Bayesian techniques, from the Model object (allowing simulation of any classical single or multiple equation estimation), or from manual simulations. You can now view fan charts of those simulation with the new fan chart type for panels.