The procedures in Descriptive Statistics MT 1.0 provide basic statistics for the variables in GAUSS data sets. These statistics describe and test univariate and multivariate features of the data and provide information for further analysis. Descriptive Statistics MT 1.0 is thread-safe and takes advantage of structures.

Includes methods for analyzing and generating contingency
tables and statistics for them.

Includes new routines to compute descriptive statistics,
including both univariate and multivariate skew and kurtosis.

Includes support for date variables where applicable.

You can now choose between two report types-all variables
in a single table or individual reports for each variable-and
you can choose which statistics to include in the report and
the order in which they appear.


Descriptive Statistics MT 1.0 has methods for analyzing and generating contingency tables and producing statistics for them:

Chi-Squared (Pearson and Likelihood Ratio)


Cramer’s V

Spearman s Rho

Goodman-Krustal’s Gamma Kendall’s Tau-B Stuart s Tau-C Somer’s D



Descriptive Statistics MT 1.0 also has methods for generating frequency distributions with statistics, skew and kurtosis, and tests for differences of means.


Platform: Windows, Mac and Linux.


Requirements: GAUSS/GAUSS Light version 8.0 or higher.