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LINGO is a comprehensive tool designed to make building and solving Linear, Nonlinear (convex & nonconvex/Global), Quadratic, Quadratically Constrained, Second Order Cone, Stochastic, and Integer optimization models faster, easier and more efficient. LINGO provides a completely integrated package that includes a powerful language for expressing optimization models, a full featured environment for building and editing problems, and a set of fast built-in solvers. The recently released LINGO 17 includes a number of significant enhancements and new features.


Databases are the tool of choice for managing large amounts of information. LINGO uses ODBC technology to allow you to access set information and data in virtually any popular Windows database application. Using a single statement in your model you can transfer data between LINGO and database applications such as:LINGO can be run as a server application from a database program. For example, using Microsoft Access as your development environment and LINGO as your solver, you could build a complete, turn-key database application for a client or colleague. The user could be provided with input screens, output screens and customized reports as well as a “Solve” button right in their application, which directly calls LINGO and runs a series of specified commands.




LINGO will help you cut your development time. It lets you formulate your linear, nonlinear and integer problems quickly in a highly readable form. LINGO’s modeling language allows you to express models in a straightforward intuitive manner using summations and subscripted variables — much like you would with pencil and paper. Models are easier to build, easier to understand, and, therefore, easier to maintain. LINGO can exploit multiple CPU cores for faster model generation, … more


LINGO takes the time and hassle out of managing your data. It allows you to build models that pull information directly from databases and spreadsheets. Similarly, LINGO can output solution information right into a database or spreadsheet making it easier for you to generate reports in the application of your choice, … more


LINGO is available with a comprehensive set of fast, built-in solvers for Linear, Nonlinear (convex & nonconvex/Global), Quadratic, Quadratically Constrained, Second Order Cone, Stochastic, and Integer optimization. You never have to specify or load a separate solver, because LINGO reads your formulation and automatically selects the appropriate one, … more


You can build and solve models within LINGO, or you can call LINGO directly from an application you have written. For developing models interactively, LINGO provides a complete modeling environment to build, solve, and analyze your models. For building turn-key solutions, LINGO comes with callable DLL and OLE interfaces that can be called from user written applications. LINGO can also be called directly from an Excel macro or database application, … more


LINGO provides all of the tools you will need to get up and running quickly. You get the LINGO User Manual (in printed form and available via the online Help), which fully describes the commands and features of the program. Also included with super versions and larger is a copy of Optimization Modeling with LINGO, a comprehensive modeling text discussing all major classes of linear, integer and nonlinear optimization problems. LINGO also comes with dozens of real-world based examples for you to modify and expand, … more



Several new functions and constraint types are recognized, e.g., the @AllDiff constraint for general integer variables. The @AllDiff function allows one to specify a set of integer variables, such that each variable in the set must have a unique value, different from all other variables in the set.



New capability to pass arguments to user-defined procedures.


Support of data frame style input in Data and Calc sections has been added.


New functions for programmatically reading input data in Calc sections.


New function for retrieving the next best solution to a binary integer programming model. The function allows you to examine and/or display variable values and decide if further solutions should be generated, or it can be called repeatedly to iterate through all feasible solutions.


New function for displaying space time charts.


New functions for performing QR factorization of matrices and performing matrix multiplication.


Option for specifying the default starting point for variables.



Enhancements to the Simplex solvers boost performance on linear models. Large models solve an average of 20% faster using primal simplex and 15% faster for dual simplex.s.



New symmetry detection capabilities dramatically reduce the time required to prove optimality on certain classes of models with integer variables. Performance has been improved on Markowitz portfolio problems with minimum buy quantities, and/or limit on number of instruments at nonzero level. Other enhancements provide faster solutions on certain task assignment-like models.



Stability and robustness of the Global solver has been improved through several enhancements to quadratic recognition and range reduction. Improved exploitation of convexity of certain ratio constraints, e.g., as found in heat exchanger network design problems.








LINGO End User License Agreement
IMPORTANT – Carefully read all the terms and conditions of this agreement before installing this software package. Installing this package indicates your acceptance of theses terms and conditions. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, contact LINDO Systems Inc., 1415 N. Dayton St., Chicago, IL, 60642, for instructions on return of this package for a refund.


LINDO Systems License Agreement
Subject to the following terms and conditions, LINDO Systems Inc. (LINDO) hereby grants to you a nonexclusive license to use the LINDO Systems Inc. software program (the “SOFTWARE”) contained on the
enclosed media and related documentation.


Software License
Except as set forth below, LINDO grants to you the right to use the SOFTWARE on any single computer. You may also install a copy for your exclusive use on either a home computer or portable computer. You may store or install a copy of the SOFTWARE on a storage device, such as a network server, used only to install or run the SOFTWARE over an internal network; however, you must acquire and dedicate a license for each individual who will use the SOFTWARE. If the license is installed on a network server or other system that physically allows shared access to the SOFTWARE, you agree to provide technical or procedural methods to prevent use of the SOFTWARE by individuals not specifically licensed to use the SOFTWARE pursuant to this Agreement.


The SOFTWARE may be transferred to a single recipient on a permanent basis provided you retain no copies of the SOFTWARE nor documentation (including backup or archival copies) and the recipient agrees to the terms and conditions of this license agreement. At the time of the transfer of the SOFTWARE, you must transfer all media and documentation including any updated media and documentation.


The SOFTWARE and its related documentation are copyrighted and protected by US copyright laws and international treaty provisions. You may not use, copy, modify, or transfer the SOFTWARE or related documentation except as expressly provided in the license agreement or with written permission of LINDO Systems Inc.


Restrictions Against Distribution
You may not distribute, lease, sublease, rent, or sublicense the SOFTWARE or related documentation without written permission of LINDO Systems, Inc.


Limited Warranty
LINDO Systems Inc. warrants that the enclosed media and the copy of the related documentation to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from receipt of your payment. Due to the inherent complexity of computer programs and mathematical models, the SOFTWARE and your mathematical models may not be completely free of errors. You are advised to verify your answers before basing decisions on them. NEITHER LINDO SYSTEMS INC. NOR ANYONE ASSOCIATED WITH THE CREATION, PRODUCTION, OR DISTRIBUTION OF THE SOFTWARE MAKES ANY OTHER EXPRESSED WARRANTIES REGARDING THE MEDIA OR DOCUMENTATION AND MAKES NO WARRANTIES AT ALL, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, REGARDING THE SOFTWARE, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR OTHERWISE.


LINDO’s entire liability and your exclusive remedy for breach of this Limited Warrant shall be, at LINDO’s Option, either return of the price paid or replacement of defective media or documentation. In no event shall LINDO Systems Inc. be liable for any damages including but not limited to loss of profit, data, or direct, indirect, special or consequential damages, even if LINDO has been specifically advised of the possibility of such damages.


This agreement gives you specific rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state. This License Agreement is governed by, and shall be construed in accordance with, the laws of the State of Illinois.

LINGO is currently available on the platforms listed below.


CPU File
17.0 Windows 32 x86 44.8MB
17.0 Windows 64 x64 40.3MB
17.0 Mac 64 x86 40.7MB
17.0 Linux 64 x64 55.2MB


Lingo Manual

The Lingo can be downloaded in pdf format here


Optimization Modeling with Lingo

Click here to download the pdf version of the extremely useful optimization text “Optimization Modeling with LINGO” by Linus Schrage”

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