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What’sBest! is an add-in to Excel that allows you to build large scale optimization models in a free form layout within a spreadsheet. What’sBest! combines the proven power of Linear, Nonlinear (convex and nonconvex/Global), Quadratic, Quadratically Constrained, Second Order Cone, Semi-Definite, Stochastic, and Integer optimization with Microsoft Excel — the most popular and flexible business modeling environment in use today. The recently released What’sBest! 15.0 includes a number of significant enhancements and new features. View more information on these new features. See how to formulate SP Models in What’sBest!.


What'sBest spreadsheet solver


What’sBest! will efficiently solve your biggest, toughest models. The linear, integer, nonlinear and global solvers in What’sBest! have been designed for large scale commercial use and field tested on real world models by companies around the world. For optimization modeling in Excel, What’sBest! offers unrivaled speed and capacity, … more



Excel users will find What’sBest! to be an easy and powerful tool for solving optimization problems. Most users are able to begin modeling within minutes of installation, … more



What’sBest! is an ideal tool for creating optimization applications for use by others. What’sBest! allows you to provide the application in a form that is best suited to the user. For managers, you can build a simple, easy-to-understand spreadsheet. For clerical workers, you can create turn-key applications with custom interfaces, … more



What’sBest! provides all of the tools you will need to get up and running quickly. You get the What’sBest! User Manual (in printed form and available via the online Help) that fully describes the commands and features of the program. Also included in the manual is discussion of the major classes of linear, integer and nonlinear optimization problems along with over two dozen real world based examples that you can modify and expand, … more


Enhancements to the Simplex solvers boost performance on linear models. Large models solve an average of 20% faster using primal simplex and 15% faster for dual simplex.



New symmetry detection capabilities dramatically reduce the time required to prove optimality on certain classes of models with integer variables. Performance has been improved on Markowitz portfolio problems with minimum buy quantities, and/or limit on number of instruments at nonzero level. Other enhancements provide faster solutions on certain task assignment-like models.



Stability and robustness of the Global solver has been improved through several enhancements to quadratic recognition and range reduction. Improved exploitation of convexity of certain ratio constraints, e.g., as found in heat exchanger network design problems.



Several new functions and constraint types are recognized, e.g., the =WBALLDIFF() All Different constraint, for general integer variables. The =WBALLDIFF() function allows one to specify a set of integer variables, such that each variable in the set must have a unique value, different from all other variables in the set.






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Available versions are listed below. If you have a 64-bit version of Excel installed, then you need to download the 64-bit version of What’sBest. If you have a 32-bit version of Excel installed, then you need to download the 32-bit version of What’sBest. Before installing What’sBest we recommend you confirm whether you are running a 32 or 64-bit version of Excel. The majority of Excel users are running a 32-bit version of Excel on a 64-bit version of Windows. From Excel 2013 or newer, select File|Account|About Excel. From Excel 2010, select File|Help. The information displayed will confirm whether the 32 or 64-bit version of Excel is installed.



Microsoft® Excel® File Size
15.0 (32 Bit) Windows Excel 365, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003. 55.2 MB
15.0 (64 Bit) Windows Excel 365, 2016, 2013, and 2010 -64 Bit. 63.5 MB

What’sBest! Manual

The What’sBest! can be downloaded in pdf format here


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Applicazione (add-in) per Excel che permette di costruire modelli di ottimizzazione di grandi dimensioni in formato libero all’interno di un foglio elettronico.