Stata for embedded solutions: Numerics by Stata

If you are building a website that needs statistical computations, consider Numerics by Stata.

If you are developing an application that requires statistical analysis, whether that application is for in-house use, resale, or distribution over the Internet, consider Numerics by Stata.


Numerics by Stata provides the full power of Stata Statistical Software in embedded environments. And it provides all the numerical accuracy on which Stata has built its reputation.


Every solution is different. Numerics by Stata is customized for you.


You can read in the Stata News about how the World Bank leveraged Numerics by Stata to implement and deploy ADePT, an integrated software platform for automated economic analysis, to tens of thousands of users.

Key technologies

Numerics by Stata uses key technologies to connect to Stata’s statistical and programming features from your application, and it allows you to use Stata’s programming features to develop stand-alone applications. These technologies include:


OLE automation for running any Stata command and accessing the results,

ODBC for accessing data sources,

cross-platform dialog programming,

complete extensibility,

Mata matrix programming language,

industry-standard graphics-export formats, and

extensive Internet capabilities.