There are several options available when you export your document.

Since the basic set of CSS files used in our programs are built into the programs and are not changeable, you can choose to replace these by references to files on the website. This reduces the size of your site slightly, but means your files will not be readable without an Internet connection.


All mathematics in the document will be represented by Math ML, which is fully supported in the Firefox browser since it is a part of the specification of html5. You can either require that your readers use a browser that supports MathML natively, or you can include a reference to MathJax. MathJax is a JavaScript library that enables any browser to render MathML. Doing this will make your document readable by any browser, but the rendering of mathematics will be slower than in Firefox.


It is also possible to post documents in PDF form, and users will generally be able to view them in any web browser, and follow links just as in an html file.