Many graph styles

Bar charts

Box plots


Spike plots

Pie charts

Scatterplot matrices

Dot charts

Line charts

Area charts

Two-way scatterplots

Filled and outlined contour plots


Graphic features

Combine graphs

Various plotting symbols

Various connecting line options

Axis scaling and labeling

Multiple graph windows

Control color and transparency


Distributional diagnostic plots

Symmetry plots

Quantile plots

Quantile–normal plots

Normal probability plots

Quantile–chi-squared plots

Probability plots

Quantile–quantile plots

Cumulative-distribution plots

Ladder-of-powers plots

Spike plots and rootograms


Density-distribution sunflower plots


Margins plots, profile plots, and interaction plots


Item response theory

Item characteristic curve plots

Test characteristic curve plots

Item information function plots

Test information function plots


Multivariate graphs



Shepard diagrams

Configuration plots

Correspondence analysis projection plots

Scree plots

Score and loading plots

Procrustes overlay plot


Nonparametric regression conditional mean plots


ROC analysis

ROC curve of classifier with binormal fit

Marginal and covariate-adjusted ROC curves

Sensitivity and specificity versus probability cutoff


Output formats






Encapsulated PostScript (EPS)

Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) with TIFF preview

Windows Metafile

Windows Enhanced Metafile

Export graphs to Excel files

Symbols and multiple fonts

Unicode characters

Bold and italic

Serif and sans serif

Monospace and proportional

Greek letters

Mathematical symbols

Superscripts and subscripts


Graph Editor





Record and apply edits to other graphs


Regression fit graphs

Added-variable plots (partial-regression leverage plots)

Component-plus-residual plots (partial residual plots)

Augmented component-plus-residual plots (augmented partial-residual plots)

Leverage-versus-squared residual plots

Residual-versus-fitted plots

Residual-versus-predictor plots (independent variable plots)



Local polynomial


Robust nonlinear

Kernel density


Bayesian graphical summaries

Trace plots

Autocorrelation plots

Distributional plots


Survival plots

Kaplan–Meier survival curves

Nelson–Aalen cumulative hazard curves

Parametric fitted survival curves

Proportional hazard diagnostic curves


Time-series graphs



Cumulative sample spectral density

Line plots

Range plots with lines


Panel-data line plots

Graphs by panel

Overlaid panels


Power and sample size

Automated and customizable

Comparative — multiple lines, subgraphs, or graphs


Treatment effects

Overlap plots

Box plots for covariate balance

Density plots for covariate balance


Quality control

c charts

p charts

R charts

X-bar charts

Shewhart charts

Standard-error bar charts


Additional resources

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Speaking Stata Graphics by Nicholas J. Cox

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