Econotron Software, Inc.

The following products are developed by Econotron Software, Inc. for use with GAUSS. Technical support is provided directly through the developer


IGX – Integrated GraphiX for GAUSS

Interactive GraphiX (IGX) is a Windows graphics package specifically designed for GAUSS. IGX provides a high degree of control over a graphic environment while the graph is displayed, either interactively through menus using the mouse and keyboard, or through the use of GAUSS commands.


IGX allows you to:

Generate 20 different 2D and 3-D plot types such as scatter, line, bar, pie, radar, surface, contour, area, pyramid, candlestick, bubble, gantt.

Rotate the plot, and set shadow, depth and perspective.

Zoom and scroll plots

Use any Windows font; support for Greek and mathematical symbols, subscripts and superscripts.

Display, arrange, and print multiple windows, as overlays or inserts.

Use a wide range of annotation objects.

Use templates as a graphics style sheet.

Plot real time (streaming) data, as well as animations.

Export to 10 different output formats.

Use image processing tools to enhance your graphic.


IGX is designed to be run from GAUSS as part of a set of GAUSScommand file, from a template, interactively from the graph, or by running GAUSScommands while the graph is displayed. It is specifically designed for any GAUSS user who requires an alternative to PQG, and is available for the Windows version of GAUSS.