Daily Seasonal Adjustment


Daily Seasonal Adjustment is new form of seasonal adjustment added to the already extensive collection available in EViews. This feature allows adjustment of daily data using the algorithm of Ollech (2021).



World Health Organisation Connectivity

EViews 13 includes connectivity to the World Health Organisation’s free Global Health Observatory database of worldwide health statistics.

The data provide access to over 1000 indicators on priority health topics for over 194 countries.



Trading Economics Connectivity


EViews 13 Enterprise Edition can connect to the Trading Economics API.


This online data provider supplies its users with over 20 million economic indicators from over 196 countries.


Note this feature is only available in EViews Enterprise Edition.



National Statisical Bureau Databases


EViews 13 also includes new connectivity to the online databases of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), France’s L’Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques (INSEE), and Germany’s Bundesbank.



Improved Excel Writing Engine


EViews 13 introduces a new engine for writing to Excel files, with improved efficiency, the ability to modify the formatting in Excel and increased stability.


Extensive Holiday Function Library


EViews 13 has vastly expanded upon the holiday functions, allowing creation of series that model the seasonal pattern of holidays covering a large number of public holidays in many countries


Miscellaneous Matrix Improvements


EViews 13 also includes miscellaneous other matrix language improvements:


Updated X-13 executable, and new HTML output.

Improved matrix data and export.

Expanded support for row and column labeling.

Improved data access.