The Do-file Editor has many new enhancements.


You can now increase the level of indentation for a bookmark’s label in the Navigation Control by adding the character # to the bookmark comment. For example, bookmark comment **## Bookmark 2 will be indented one level more than bookmark comment **# Bookmark 1.


Java and Python code blocks are now added to the Navigation Control.


You can now execute only the current line that the cursor is on by clicking Tools > Execute (do) line. The cursor will then automatically advance to the next executable line, bypassing empty lines and comments.


The Do-file Editor now supports code folding of Java code blocks.



When you create a bookmark by toggling or clicking in the bookmark margin for a line, the Do-file Editor now automatically adds a default name for this bookmark.


You can now add a bookmark to a Mata or Java code block by clicking in the bookmark margin of a line. The Do-file Editor will add the bookmark comment //#, which is a valid comment for both Mata and Java.


You can now select text between bookmarks by clicking Edit > Select between bookmarks.