Read SAS Data Definitions with SASdecoder

Stat/Transfer users often ask us how to read a dataset that consists of a SAS program to read in the data and the raw data. The answer, until now, has been to buy, beg or borrow a copy of SAS to read in the data and then save it out as something Stat/Transfer can read, such as a SAS binary dataset. For many, given the price of SAS software, this has not been an option.


Essistant Software’s applicationSASdecoder, reads SAS data definition commands and writes a Stat/Transfer schema file that will allow Stat/Transfer to read your data and convert it to any of the formats that Stat/Transfer supports. SASdecoder accepts three forms of input: Column, Formatted and List. It also translates PROC FORMAT and VALUE statements into value label definitions.

SAS decoder runs on Windows. You can obtain a free demo copy, which omits a randomly-selected set of variables and value labels. Click here to download an installer and try it out. If you prefer to download the User Manual only — to determine whether SASdecoder is appropriate for you — click here. This is the same documentation that comes with the SASdecoder installer program.


Full functionality requires an activation key, which you will receive after you purchase the product.