Stata 18 includes the new graph schemes stcolorstcolor_altstgcolor, and stgcolor_alt.


stcolor is Stata’s new default scheme. It is based on the old default scheme, s2color, but has the following modifications:

  • The graphs are 7.5 inches wide and 4.5 inches tall.

  • The color palette is updated with brighter colors.

  • The background color is white.

  • The legend contains one column and is placed on the right side of the graph.

  • The y-axis labels are horizontal.

  • The major grid line is dashed.

  • The marker size is small.

  • Reference lines and lines added with the xline() and yline() options are black.

  • The histogram fill color is stc1 with a 90% intensity, while the outline color is stc1 with a 70% intensity.

Scheme stcolor_alt is based on scheme stcolor but has the following modifications:

  • The width and height are set to six and four inches.

  • The legend contains two columns and is placed below the plot region.

Some graph commands that use scheme stcolor_alt include tslinetsrlinefcast graph, and estat acplot. If you would rather use scheme stcolor or any other scheme with these commands, you can specify the scheme() option.



. sysuse auto, clear
(1978 automobile data)

. twoway  (scatter price mpg) (lowess price mpg), subtitle("Price vs. MPG")

. sysuse lifeexp, clear
(Life expectancy, 1998)

. scatter lexp gnppc, by(region, total)

. sysuse educ99gdp, clear
(Education and GDP)

. generate total = private + public

. graph hbar (asis) public private,       
		over(country, sort(total) descending) stack 
		title("Spending on tertiary education as % of GDP, 1999", span pos(11))
		note("Source: OECD, Education at a Glance 2002", span)

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. webuse nhanes2, clear

. logistic highbp sex##agegrp##c.bmi
(output omitted)

. margins sex, at(bmi=(10(5)65))
(output omitted)

. marginsplot

Variables that uniquely identify margins: bmi sex


If you would like to switch back to the old scheme permanently, type

. set scheme s2color, permanently


Or if you want to specify the old scheme in one graph command, type

. sysuse auto, clear
(1978 automobile data)

. twoway  (scatter price mpg) (lowess price mpg), subtitle("Price vs. MPG") scheme(s2color)