Point-and-click is great, but what if you feel more comfortable entering commands? And what if you need programming capabilities? In addition to its state-of-the-art windowing interface, EViews includes a powerful command language that provides access to the features that are available through the menus.



Modeled loosely after the BASIC programming language but with object-oriented extensions and matrix handling capabilities, EViews allows you to enter individual commands for immediate or batch execution. Your programs can make use of looping and condition branching, as well as subroutine, macro, and string list processing.


EViews supports full debugging, with break points, watch windows and call stacks.



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Matrix primitives, from simple multiplication and inversion, to more advanced procedures for Kronecker products, eigenvector solution, and singular value decomposition, provide you with the tools you need for solving complex mathematical problems.

The EViews programming language also allows you to run R, Python or Matlab® code, connecting seemlessly to those environments, accessing both their languages and data.



Jupyter is a web-based interactive development environment that allows users to create notebooks for documenting computational workflow. EViews can now be used as a Jupyter kernel. This means you can use Jupyter Notebook to run and orga- nize an EViews program and display results from within the Jupyter Notebook.