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For professional publishing and the power to produce high quality books, technical documents, mathematical formulas, and tables, use PCTeX6 and its supporting products to make your work look its best. PCTeX6 provides a complete TeX, LaTeX, and AMS-TeX typesetting system in one product. TeX is a precise scientific, mathematical, and general use, programmable, typesetting macro, on which all other TeX macros are based. LaTeX is a widely used enhanced macro containing formats for books, manuals, technical documents, and tables. AMS-TeX was created by the American Mathematical Society especially for mathematicians. PCTeX6 for Windows provides a completely integrated TeX and LaTeX system for professional typesetting of books, technical journals, and other documents, in Microsoft Window’s environments.


PCTeX6 excels at typesetting:

Short papers, or books with hundreds of pages

Scientific notation and mathematical formulas

Documents with perfect word and letter spacing

Text with complex hyphenation

Foreign languages


Also Included with PCTeX6:


TeXSpell is the new integrated spelling checker in PCTeX6. It has a standard dictionary of 80,000 words, and includes the facility for a custom, editable dictionary. It can also ignore TeX commands, TeX comments, math mode blocks, will detect repeated words, and has an option to automatically save a backup of your text file if spelling changes have been made.



These fonts, defined in AMSTeX, were designed by the American Mathematical Society for use in mathematical documents. They contain symbols and several beautiful alphabets corresponding to those used in AMS publications and the MathSci database. They are supplied in True Type format for use with PCTeX6.


SliTeX Fonts:

The SliTeX Fonts provide fonts needed for the SliTeX macros in LaTeX, and are used for making overhead transparencies.

Page Style Wizard * Professional Only *

The Page style Wizard allows easy configuration of font size, paper size, equation numbering, and any other available options. The wizard can currently configure the standard LaTeX styles, and also AMS, KOMA- script, memoir and beamer (slide presentations).



Package Options Wizard * Professional Only *

The Package Options Wizard displays a list of all available LaTeX packages. These may be sorted by Name, Title, or Category. Once a package has been selected, the Package Options Wizard will allow configuration of all available options.



Graphics Wizard * Professional Only *

The Graphics Wizard allows easy sizing and placement of graphics images into your documents. Choose Insert Graphic and the wizard will allow you to configure your graphics and the wizard will add the necessary graphics commands and parameters to the preamble. The Graphics Wizard will also automatically convert graphics files to the formats needed for regular TeX output or for PDF output.



Language Wizard

The Language Wizard will select languages to be used in your documents, and the appropriate hyphenation patterns will be installed in the LaTeX format. The spell check word list for that language will be used in the editor as well.



LaTeX Command Completion

When you begin typing, PCTeX will complete recognized LaTeX commands automatically. If there is more than one command that starts with the same characters, you will be presented with a dropdown list of commands.



PDF and DVI typesetting and viewing

Choose to typeset and view your document as a DVI or a PDF. The typeset mode is saved with each project. This is useful, for example, if one project works better in PDF mode and another in DVI mode.

Spell check as you type

PCTeX uses a well-known spell checker (ISpell) to check spelling as you edit. Once you have typed a word, it will spell-check it and highlight the word if misspelled. There are word lists available in several languages.

Just-in-Time Package Loader

As you typeset a LaTeX file, and a package or file is discovered missing, the Just-in-time (JIT) installer will automatically fetch the package, install it and typeset again.

View Documentation

The Package Manager, the Insert Package dialog, and the Documentclass dialog all have a View Documentation button to allow viewing of package documentation.

Insert Menu

This new menu item provides some automatic editor insertions for graphics, lists, languages, and packages.

Vertical scrolling in DVI viewer

The dvi viewer will display pages that can be scrolled vertically, similar to Acrobat Reader.

The minimum system requirements state the minimal specification your computer must have to be able to use the software. A more powerful system may be required for certain tasks or larger projects.

Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP


PCTeX32, Version 3.4 for Windows System Requirements:
Operating System

Requires Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.

Athlon/Pentium or compatible computer.

Any Windows supported monitor, graphics card, and printer.

64MB RAM and 50MB disk space.

Internet connection required for license activation

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