Add the SPEED and POWER of GAUSS to applications written in C, C++, Java, VB or other development environments that support C language API. The GAUSS Engine is a dynamically linked library for compiling and executing GAUSS programs from another application. Data can be passed back and forth between the GAUSS Engine workspace and the application. Royalty-free distribution of your GAUSS Engine applications is available.


Are you looking for a way to leverage the depth of knowledge and innovation contained within your research departments?


Would you like to realize the full potential of your GAUSS programs to enhance critical decision making processes throughout your company or group?


Would you like to design software with highly specialized numerical capabilities more quickly than is possible using conventional mathematical libraries?


The GAUSS Engine:

Extends numerical capabilities of an existing application while preserving the investment you have already made in software development.


Quickly creates standalone applications that deliver extensive number-crunching capabilities.


Combines the power of GAUSS with other best of breed development tools for user interfaces, database management and graphics.


The GAUSS Engine makes all of the functionality of GAUSS available in a dynamically linked library (.DLL) under Windows, or shared library (.so) under UNIX. You can use GAUSS code you already have and you can link it with other programs using a variety of languages or development tools, including: C, C++, Visual C++, Visual Basic or JAVA. You can easily build standalone applications that provide the features, functionality and user interface that you choose while maintaining all the speed and power of GAUSS for number crunching.


The GAUSS Engine is a dynamic library that can be linked in with any program written in C, C++, Visual Basic, Java or many other development environments, that allows your application to compile and execute GAUSS programs and pass data between it and the GAUSS workspace. The GAUSS Engine allows you to quickly develop applications that access the full number-crunching power of GAUSS.


The GAUSS Engine has a thread-safe C API and is suitable for use in multi-user, multithreaded applications. The GAUSS Engine supports multiple workspaces and concurrent execution of expressions and procedure calls in multiple workspaces or within the same workspace.


The GAUSS Engine will speed up your development cycle and enable you to deploy sophisticated, efficient analytics precisely tailored to the end-user.


Leverage your investment in data and research

In recent years many companies have invested heavily in powerful data delivery platforms, database engines and analytic tools, but tying it all together and providing high end analytical capabilities to a broad range of users has remained a challenge – until now.
The GAUSS Engine provides a highly efficient means of delivering high end analytics to any desktop. With GAUSS, research expertise is optimized through a highly efficient mathematical language combined with fast execution. Now with the introduction of the GAUSS Engine, companies can combine the development efforts of both their research departments and IT departments in the deployment of high-end analytical solutions throughout the enterprise.


Preserve your investment in enterprise software

The deployment and integration of these high-end mathematical procedures within the existing production environment is made possible by linking the GAUSS Engine to your existing enterprise software. You can also build stand-alone applications using your current GUI development tools. This allows companies to capitalize on and extend, rather than replace, their current investment in information technology. Even the most advanced models may be readily incorporated into existing environments or wrapped in a stand-alone GUI interface using standard tools. No translation or rewriting of complex mathematical procedures is necessary to make direct use of the models and algorithms developed in GAUSS.


Deploy your most sophisticated models to users of any expertise

Maximize the potential of your analytical models company-wide by designing custom interfaces tailored specifically to your audience. You have complete control over how your analytics are implemented and used so you can tailor the application precisely for the end-user, eliminating the need for extensive training or support and minimizing the potential for error. Within a corporation this means that you can leverage your research advantage enterprise wide. When distributing custom applications it means that you can rapidly develop custom analytical systems with the features and interface that best fit the intended market. Use the GAUSS Run-Time Engine for unlimited royalty-free redistribution
The GAUSS Run-Time Engine (GRTE) allows unlimited royalty-free redistribution of applications using the GAUSS Engine. With the GRTE, there are no royalties, no license codes and no hassles. The GAUSS Run-Time Engine comes standard with the GAUSS Engine Pro.



Q: What is the easiest method to integrate the GAUSS Engine into a Java application?
A: The new Java API to the GAUSS Engine provides a seamless and natural interface between Java applications and the GAUSS Engine.

Q: Are their easy methods to interface with other types of applications such as Visual C++, C# and VB?
A: Yes, Mercury GE provides a powerful and easy to use interface to Visual C++, C#, VBA and more.


Q: What comes with the GAUSS Engine?
A: The GAUSS Engine comes with a complete working copy of the GAUSS Mathematical & Statistical System and online documentation. Pre-written, customizable GAUSS Application programs designed to increase user productivity and extend GAUSS functionality in various fields are available for an additional fee.