Pane and Tab Alternative User Interface


The familiar EViews multiple window interface offers users many advantages, especially on large computer screen displays. In some small screen settings, however, it can be more difficult to uti- lize fully the advantages of having multiple windows open at the same time.


EViews 13 offers a new, alternative user interface mode that employs panes and tabs in places of multiple windows. The built-in organization properties of this interface may be ideally suited to smaller display environments.



Programming Language Debugging


EViews 13 now offers tools for debugging an EViews program to help you to identify issues or locate the source of problems. The debugging tools allow you to set breakpoints on spe- cific lines, run the program until it hits that breakpoint, and then examine at the state of your workfile or variables at that point in the program execution.


Jupyter Notebook Support


Jupyter is a web-based interactive development environment that allows users to create notebooks for documenting computational workflow. EViews 13 Enterprise can now be used as a Jupyter kernel. This means you can use Jupyter Notebook to run and orga- nize an EViews program and display results from within the Jupyter Notebook.



Programming Dependency Tracking


EViews 13 has a new feature to automatically log a program’s external dependencies (e.g. workfiles, databases, and other programs).