• jdbc load now has a dialog that allows you to
    • add or remove data source names (DSNs),
    • filter tables of a DSN or filter columns of a table, and
    • select which columns of a table to load into Stata.
  • When you run multiple instances of Stata in Windows, the Stata instance number will now appear on the following top-level windows: Do-File Editor, Data Editor, Variables Manager, SEM Builder, Graph windows, and Viewer windows.


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  • In Windows, the new set taskbargroups setting affects how Stata windows are grouped on the taskbar. If taskbar grouping is enabled, different instances of Stata will be grouped separately on the taskbar. This setting is enabled by default.
  • Stata for Mac now prompts you for your preferred window layout when it is first launched. You can choose the Sidebar layout, which may be preferable for small laptop displays, or the Widescreen layout, which may be preferable for desktop monitors or large laptop displays.